Porter's Page

Friday, August 06, 2004

Okay, let me catch you up with what's been going on. As you know, on Friday, I married the love of my life, Heather Lemkelde. Following our small service, we had a huge party! Just about everyone I know was there! So many of my family members, so many of my friends... It was GREAT!! The party went until about 11:30 or so. After we got everything cleaned up (with the help of our parents - THANK YOU!) Heather and I went back to our house. Once there, we rested a little bit, showered and changed clothes. then we went to an after-party that my friend Bill was throwing at his hotel room! It was lots of fun... a whole bunch of our friends were there!
We partied until about 4:30 in the morning! Then we went home to sleep.

Saturday morning, I had brunch with my friends from Virginia. Bill, Kirk, Steve, Paul, Erin, Brian and Laura were all there. We met at Ellicott Mills Brewing Co. in Ellicott City. We sat in the back on the upstairs floor. The tables had copper tops. Very interesting. I had a croissant club sandwich. Also, during this time, Heather had gone out to brunch with some of her friends.
After brunch, I went home, and once heather got home, we tried to finish up all our packing. Heather's friend Ms. Summers came over to the house around 3:30. She and Heather signed all the paperwork to sell Heather's car to her. Then we loaded up her car with all our bags: 4 big duffel bags, 2 big suitcases, 1 guitar, 2 big carry-ons, a backpack, and a tote-bag. We got to the airport at around 5:00pm.

During Check-in, the lady said our flight would be late. But we continued on anyway. We had no problems at security, except that they made me take off my sandals. no big deal, though! While we were at the gate waiting, they announced that our flight would actually be on time! The flight left around 7:30-8:00. The flight was very smooth - but very long!!
We arrived in San Diego around 10:00pm local time. We picked up our bags (they were all there - yay!) and caught the shuttle bus to Alamo, to get our rental car. During the shuttle ride, though, we learned that there had been a really bad car accident on Harbor st., close to the airport. There were 3 fatalities. Our shuttle driver said that the accident had happened right in front of him. Anyway, we got the car, no problems. We up-graded to a full-size, and it's a good thing! WE had a LOT of luggage! I don't think it all would have fit into a mid-size car! Then we went to our motel for the night - a Super 8, south of the
city. No problems there, either!

Sunday morning, we had a little complimentary continental breakfast at the hotel. Then, we went to the First UU church of San Diego. We were just a little late getting there for the 10:00 service. After the service, a very nice lady, Anne McDonald, came up and welcomed us very warmly. Then, a few minutes later, she introduced us to a bunch of people from the board of trustees! we also met Suzette Southfox, the in-reach coordinator. They were having a new member luncheon, and we were invited to stay for lunch. We did, and we joined the church! After lunch, we went to the Embassy Hotel, and checked in, paying for a room for a week! After bringing all our luggage inside, we went down to Horton Plaza, a very cool mall downtown, and we went to a Cingular store, and got our San Diego numbers, and we also got cool new phones! they're flip phones! then, we went to Target and got some stuff - towels, plastic plates and utensils, a box fan, some milk, a frozen pizza for dinner, etc. Then we went back to the room, had dinner, and went to sleep.

Monday, we started out by making some calls about apartments we saw listed in the classifieds. Then, we went out and drove around to see where some of the apartments were. then, we decided we should go see about getting a car. We went to a dealership at the "Mile of Cars" in National City. Everything went GREAT, and we bought a 2003 certified Dodge Neon! It's
pretty great! It's white, and only has 40,000 miles, and we got good warranties and all that stuff, too! Yay! my first car purchase! this'll build my credit rating, right?
After buying the car, we went to In-N-Out burger - it was pretty good! After that, we went to see an apartment. We really liked it! Then, we went to see another place. It wasn't as good. Later, we went ahead and dropped off the application for the first place, and then we did some shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and at Target. WE bough pillows, some scented
candles, etc. It was a long day! We went back to the hotel and passed out!

Tuesday, I got up and wrote this journal entry, up to this point!

After that, we decided to have a more relaxing day. We went to Mission Trails Regional Park. It was very nice. Wednesday, I went to work!! It was a good first day. a lot of orientation with the facility, and stuff. after work, when I got back to the hotel, Heather's cousin Andrew and one of his friends were there! We went out to the Olive Garden for dinner, and Then we hung out for a while.

Thursday, (today) I dove right into work. I did an annual P.M. on a machine at one of the two facilities I'll be working at. And at the end of the day, I had some time and access to a computer, so I transcribed my journal, and wrote all this!
I'll try to post again soon! Love ya!

p.s. when I went to try to post this yesterday, I had some trouble... so here it is. It's now Friday, though. ;-)